As we prepare to tee it up in 2022, we want to make you aware of some important and exciting enhancements to our First Tee Life Skills Experience Program for our junior golfers. There are also significant changes to the registration process. REGISTER ONLINE As we strive to offer an even richer experience for our participants, we will be adding multiple layers to our program which will help them advance their golf skills, life skills knowledge, and bring us more in line with the national First Tee curriculum and mission. Beginning this spring, most locations will be conducting at least two levels of programming: PLAYer and Par. This summer we will adding Birdie-level classes at some locations, and we hope to offer Eagle/Ace level classes in the future as well. Many of the kids who have participated in The First Tee program have already gone through the PLAYer level at least once, and may just need to complete their certification in order to advance to Par. If your child has participated in at least two previous sessions and has reached the minimum age of 9 years old, you have the option to register for a Par level class. On the first day of Par classes, they will be completing their PLAYer level certifications. The First Tee network has also rolled out a new registration platform. I strongly urge you to log in to the system ahead of time and become familiar with the new registration process. Please see below for step-by-step instructions.


  • PLAYer Level: Entry level to The First Tee Life Skills Experience program regardless of age or golf skill. Coaches will group participants by age and ability within the class to properly introduce the game of golf while learning The First Tee Code of Conduct and Nine Core Values, appreciating the rules and etiquette of the sport, and developing golf skills.  Minimum age 7.
  • Par: Continued emphasis on golf skills, rules of play, interpersonal skills, and self-management skills on and off the golf course.  Coaches will group participants by age and ability within the class to best serve our participants.  Must be minimum age 9 and PLAYer certified. 
  • Birdie: Continued emphasis on golf skills, course management, etiquette, and goal setting, on and off the golf course. Must be minimum age 11 and Par certified.
  • Eagle/Ace: Building on all golf skills and focus on resilience, conflict resolution, and future planning. Ace is the highest level on The First Tee Life Skills Experience Program and focuses on education, career, and giving back to the community. Must be minimum age 13 and Birdie certified.


  • Winter Clinics: Our winter clinics are a great place for kids ages 7-18 to learn golf basics or keep up their enthusiasm for the sport during the offseason. Winter clinic offerings may differ depending on location and time, so please see the specific class descriptions for each one, here: WINTER CLINICS


The First Tee certification is a fun and exciting way for participants to demonstrate what they have learned, show off their new golf skills, and make sure they’re ready to move on the next level. This process includes written assessments reviewing Life Skills Appreciation and Golf Knowledge, in addition to playing opportunities to cover their Golf Skills. We will periodically conduct certification days either in class or as a separate event, for participants who are ready and wish to advance through The First Tee Life Skills Experience program. (There is no additional charge to attend a separate certification day, unless greens fees are required.)


To begin the process of registering online for any of The First Tee of Massachusetts programs, CLICK HERE to access our new online Parent Portal. You will see options to log in for returning and new participants. Trouble Registering? If you are having difficulty creating a parent account, most often it is because of an invalid password. Passwords must contain letters, at least one number, at least one special character, and must be at least 8 characters in length. For example, password1! would be an acceptable entry.

If You Are a New Participant

  • If you are new to The First Tee of Massachusetts, please create a parent account and then add new participant profiles.
  • Once you have accessed or created your account, verify that the participants you wish to register are listed in the dropdown menu. If they are not, click the orange “add participant” button.

Once You Have Accessed the Parent Portal…

  • Create a profile for each child you wish to register. By doing this ahead of time, registration will be faster and easier when sessions become available.
  • When registration becomes available, log in to the system and choose the participant you wish to register. Then choose the class you wish to register them for.
  • Once you have done this for each participant you wish to register, click “Checkout” to complete the registration process. This will include verifying/updating participant information for each child. 
Please Note: while you fill out the participant information form and complete the registration, your child’s spot will be held and they will not lose their place in line. So please take the time to fill it out accurately and completely.


If a particular class is full, you have the option to register for the Waitlist. If your child is the selected from the waitlist (first come, first served) then you will receive an email notification. You will then have 48 hours to log back into the system and complete your child’s registration before it is considered abandoned, and the system automatically moves on to the next child on the Waitlist.


If you have any questions about these enhancements to our program or if you are unsure which level your child belongs in, please contact program manager Allyson Mollung at [email protected] or Kyle Harris at [email protected] or 774-430-9109.